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Self-Love vs Narcissism

The great debate in recovery is where do self-love and self-care end and narcissism begin? It is interesting because I feel like this conversation probably does not permeate into the larger part of society, but within the rooms of recovery, there is a constant reflection of whether something is narcissistic or whether it is simply … Continued

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Does Forced Addiction Treatment Work?

As much as we would all like a clear-cut and decisive path to how we can help an addict hit bottom, no such thing currently exists. Some addicts will hit bottom fairly early on in their addiction, and it may simply be caused by family or legal problems. They do not need to lose everything … Continued

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Here’s Why Elevations Health is Right for You

With the plethora of treatment facilities available today, choosing the right drug rehabilitation center can be an overwhelming experience. It requires you to first find a center that is suitable for your needs, requiring you to take into account whether you should leave the state for treatment or stay local. It requires you to coordinate … Continued

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Stop Being in Denial of Your Loved One’s Addiction

Having a loved one who suffers from addiction can be incredibly difficult to deal with. It is similar to what a person experiences whenever someone they love has an illness, but with addiction, those people closest to the individual actually begin to suffer from certain characteristics that mimic that of addiction. For instance, individuals who … Continued

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10 Things To Do When You Have Drug Cravings

No matter how strong you feel in your recovery, everyone from time to time will experience drug cravings. Sometimes these cravings will be the result of not doing something that you should be doing, like going to meetings or helping others, and other times, these cravings will seemingly come out of nowhere and not be … Continued

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