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Mens Rehab

For many years alcoholism and addiction were viewed as a man-only problem. Almost all of the founding members of Alcoholics Anonymous were men and it was believed that it was uncouth for a woman to be considered an addict or alcoholic.

Women had to hide their addictions and alcoholism to a greater extent than men did and because of this many were never able to get the help that they needed. But the other ramification of this societal stigma is that almost all of the early research done into alcoholism and addict was centered on the man and because of this our medical and psychological understanding of the male addict or alcoholic is fairly large today.

We know that addiction is rather more prominent among men. In fact, alcohol addiction, in particular, affects more men than women with about three times as many men affected as women. We also know that around 26 percent of all males over the age of 12 have reported binge drinking during the last month and we know that men tend to become addicted to alcohol over drugs.

We also now know that the way that alcoholism and addiction affect men and women differs and as such many treat programs have begun to specialize in helping specific genders, like the one offered at our Austin Men’s Rehab. This is done to ensure that the recovering person has a safe and secure environment in which to get healthy and to ensure that they receive the particular care that they need in order to overcome their addictions.

We here at Elevations Health Austin understand this and that is why we offer an Austin Men’s Rehab so that men can recover amongst their peers and share freely without fear of judgment from female clients.

What is a Men’s Rehab Center?

A men’s rehab center, like our Austin Men’s Rehab, is designed to serve men only. Females are not accepted into the program because the idea is to create a safe place in which men can talk about all of the issues that affect them directly and not have to be uncomfortable because there is a woman in the room.

For as much as men and women are similar, there is a rather distinct difference between the genders, and given the male tendency to act differently when women are present, having an environment that is free of female influence is important for the recovery process.

Men who attend a men’s rehab center, like the Austin Men’s Rehab at Elevations Health, can feel free to share about anything that may be concerning to them, from sexual issues to relational issues, to the abuse they have suffered in the past. Doing this in an environment where they are surrounded by only the same gender usually allows men to be more open and honest and in doing so allows recovery to take hold.

Different Kinds of Men’s Rehab

Similar to women-only rehab, men-only rehabs are usually available in an inpatient or outpatient setting. Depending on the personal need of the man, both of these levels of care can be extremely effective in combatting alcoholism and addiction and many treatment facilities offer both inpatient and outpatient services.

Inpatient centers are treatment facilities where the men are offered room and board, therapy sessions, and all of the other necessities of life. During their stay at an inpatient facility the men will live on site and they will not have the need to deal with any of the daily stressors in their outside lives. This is the preferred method of treatment for many men because it allows them to truly focus on themselves and not have to worry about familial or work obligations.

Inpatient facilities focus on helping men recreate connections with their loved ones, create new friendships with other sober men, and also build social structures that provide them the balance they need to stay sober after the program ends.

Outpatient centers are treatment facilities where the men attend treatment during the day or night, but go home to their house every day and sleep in their own beds. Many times men who attend these types of programs either do not have severe addiction or alcoholism issues, or they have certain life obligations that they cannot neglect. These types of programs allow the men to continue with their work and show up in their daily life, but also give them the structure and tools they need in order to maintain recovery.

It really depends on the individual as to which type of treatment program will work best for them, because some people truly need the structure of an inpatient program, while others thrive in an outpatient program.

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Should I Attend a Men-Only Treatment Facility?

If you find that talking about your personal issues in front of women may make you anxious or make you want to shut down then attending a male-only treatment facility may be right for you.

Early recovery is usually an emotionally charged time and having the ability to recover around people of only your own gender can sometimes make the difference between a successful recovery and a relapse back into substance abuse.

In reality, it can be difficult sometimes for men to truly open up when women are present and because of this a co-gender treatment experience may not be right for you. During your stay in treatment, you will be exploring items from your past that may be embarrassing or hurtful and so being surrounded by only peers of the same gender may make processing this information easier.

Finding a Men’s Rehab Center That Is Right For You

If you think that you have a problem with drugs or alcohol and you believe that you would be better able to recover in an environment with only peers of the same gender then a Men’s Rehab may be the correct course of action for you. At Elevations Health Austin, we understand this and our trained staff of professionals are standing by to help you in any way we possibly can. So give us a call today at 1-866-200-3224, and begin your journey into recovery the right way, with Elevations Health Austin.