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Womens Rehab

Drug addiction and alcoholism are diseases that still baffle a lot of the medical community. With each passing year our understanding of how they affect those afflicted improves, but there is still much that we do not know.

In recent years it has come to the attention of researchers that the way that men and women experience addiction differs in certain aspects. For instance, women tend to experience a quicker descent into serious addiction than men do, and it has also been discovered that certain hormones affect the way that addiction expresses itself among women.

Understanding this has caused those in the treatment industry to rethink the way that they go about treating addicts and alcoholics of different sexes and many have started to create programs that are tailor-made for men or women.

Since we here at Elevations Health Austin are aware of this fact, we offer a program in our Austin Women’s Rehab that focuses on the needs of the female addict. We look to educate them in our Austin Women’s Rehab, about how the diseases of addiction and alcoholism have effected them in the past, and give them the coping strategies necessary in order for them to recover.

What Is a Women’s Rehab Center?

A women’s rehabilitation center focuses on women’s needs above everything else. These centers, like our Austin Women’s Rehab, are specifically for women, and as such, they do not allow men to enroll in the program. This allows the women who attend to have a feeling of safety and security that they may not have experienced in a co-gender environment.

Many of the women who chooses to come to a rehabilitation center like our Austin Women’s Rehab, chose to do so because they have a background involving abuse or fear of men. Due to this, and in order for them to truly be vulnerable in their recovery, having a separation between genders is important.

Not every woman who attends a women’s rehab center is a victim of abuse though and some just find it more comfortable to be with other women during their early recovery and they do not want the distraction of having men present in the groups.

The truth is that a rehab is a place of self-discovery and as such some of the things that may come up are intensely personal. Being in an environment where you feel safe and secure, and are not holding back for fear of judgment is of utmost importance, and this is why many women choose to attend women-only rehabilitation centers.

Besides this, being in a women-only rehab allows a person to focus on topics that specifically affect their lives.

Some topics women may want to talk about include:

  •   Self-confidence concerns
  •   Weight-loss or weight gain concerns
  •   Eating disorder concerns
  •   Mother/Family issues
  •   Hysterectomy and hormonal issues
  •   Menopausal issues
  •   Post-natal depression
  •   Self-esteem issues
  •   Employment concerns

This is only a sample of the topics that can be discussed freely and openly in a women’s rehab, but in a co-gender environment discussing these topics would possibly be not as easy for many people.

Different Kinds of Women’s Rehabilitation Centers

Like any other treatment center, women’s rehabilitation centers may be inpatient facilities or outpatient facilities. Inpatient facilities are used most often because they allow patients to live in the center and receive 24-hour care. The person stays at the center for the duration of their treatment and all of their needs are taken care of. They do not need to concern themselves with the daily goings-on of life and they can have a space in which they can focus solely on themselves.

However, those with less severe addictions or those who cannot get away from the obligations of their life for an extended period of time can go to outpatient facilities. These facilities allow women to speak with other women and get the same treatments offered in an inpatient facility, except they are able to leave and return to their normal daily activities following each treatment session. These sort of facilities allow the women to sleep in their own bed at night, meet any work or family obligations, all while offering the structure and tools necessary for recovery to take hold.


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Should I Attend a Women-Only Rehab?

The point of women-only rehabs is to allow women to find the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical support they need among people of the same gender. Some women may feel uncomfortable talking about issues like giving birth, hormonal changes, or other things around men, so having a community of women is beneficial.

It is also a good idea to have a separation of genders in early recovery because many times emotions are running high and there is a great deal of confusion. Being able to be with women who understand what you are currently feeling is extremely important and the absence of men allows for an openness and honesty that may not possible otherwise.

So if you feel that talking about your private issues in front of men is not something that you would be entirely comfortable with, then a women-only rehab may be a good idea for you.

Getting clean and sober is never an easy thing, and in a sense it may be the most important thing you ever do in your life, so giving yourself every possible chance for recovery is essential if recovery is to be achieved.


Finding a Women’s Rehab Center That Is Right For You

If you think that you have a problem with drugs or alcohol and you believe that you would be better able to recover in an environment with only peers of the same gender then a Women’s Rehab may be the correct course of action for you. At Elevations Health Austin, we understand this and our trained professionals are standing by to help you in any way we possibly can. So give us a call today at 1-866-200-3224, and begin your journey into recovery the right way, with Elevations Health Austin.