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Naloxone Inventor’s Stepson Tragically Died from an Overdose

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Why Half Measures Will Truly Avail You Nothing

It is read at the beginning of almost every 12 step meeting throughout the world. Its sentiment echoed by every counselor, sponsor, and friendly 12-stepper and it is the newcomer’s least favorite thing to hear, “Half measures will avail you nothing.” Depending on where you are at in your approach in recovery, this saying can … Continued

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Social Media Accounts for Inspiration to Brighten Your Day

Trolling along on the internet, YouTube, Facebook- we all are guilty of it from time to time. I do also suppose that time to time would be a bit of an understatement if you’re anything like me. It just happens right? Bored at work, reading about how starfish reproduce or when clowns first appeared in … Continued

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Senate Passes the CARA Bill

On July 13th Congress passed the CARA Bill, or Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act, with a vote of 92-2. The bill was introduced in response to the rise in opiate addiction that has been running rampant through the US in previous years, and the growing concern that current legal and rehabilitation standards to combat this … Continued

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What Emotional Sobriety Means

Here we go. Introducing one of the star players to any addict’s recovery right here. What in the world does this wording mean you ask? Well, most addicts or alcoholics in recovery will hear this term on and on throughout the course of their sober lives. This combines two crucial pieces to the puzzle of … Continued

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12 Step Programs For Different Addictions

When many people think of 12 Step Programs they imagine a group of sad drunks or drug addicts sitting in a circle in a church basement bemoaning their inability to use successfully. This image has somehow managed to find its way into the zeitgeist of pop culture and its depiction couldn’t be less accurate. While … Continued

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