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Carfentanil: Another Deadly Drug on the Rise

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You more than likely have never heard of Carfentanil, but as the new deadly street drug racks up more and more overdose deaths with each passing day, it is soon to be a household name. It is reported to be up to 100 times stronger than fentanyl, which would make it 10,000 times stronger than morphine and it is mainly used in order to subdue elephants. The strength of this drug is staggering and the potential it brings for accidental deaths is unlike anything the world has seen before.

What is Carfentanil?

Carfentanil is an analog of the synthetic opioid analgesic fentanyl, meaning it is similar in structure to fentanyl. It is one of the most potent opioids in the world and it is marketed under the name Wildnil as a tranquilizer for large animals.

The drug was first synthesized in 1974 in Belgium by Janssen Pharmaceutica and besides being used to subdue large animals, it is believed to be used by certain governments around the world when dealing with hostage situations. There have been reports that the Russian Military used the drug in order to end the 2002 Moscow Theatre Hostage Crisis and that their aerosol employment of the drug may have caused the death of hundreds of people.

Since the drug is so powerful, the DEA only allows an annual aggregate manufacturing quota of 19 grams, meaning that only 19 grams of the drug can be produced in the United States each year.

Police Seizures and Overdoses

In August of this year, 96 people overdosed in one week in a county in Ohio. It is believed that the heroin they used was cut with Carfentanil and that is what made the overdose rate spike so dramatically.

Authorities fear that the wave of fentanyl-laced heroin that we have seen in this country will lead to more product being cut with its deadly analog and since it is so powerful, even the smallest amount can kill.

To put it in perspective of just how powerful and deadly this drug is, when veterinarians administer the drug to animals they have to wear gloves and a face mask in order to avoid accidental exposure. If they were exposed to a dosage the size of a grain of salt, it could be lethal, and so for heroin users, this is particularly worrisome.

As officials stated, one of the major side effects of this drug in humans is death and so a human being should never ingest it. If they are lucky enough to not die instantly, then there is the possibility that they will wind up in a coma that they may never wake up from, but that is the best case scenario.

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Just last week there were two deaths attributed to the drug in Alberta, Canada and in August there was a large seizure of the drug, an amount that authorities said was enough to result in 50 million fatal overdoses, by Canadian border patrol. This, coupled with the location of overdoses in the United States, seems to show that the midwest and western parts of Canada may have a burgeoning problem with the drug.

Adding to the problem that the United States might be facing with this drug is that the fact that authorities have found that the rash of fentanyl-related overdoses in the past few months were not from fentanyl that was synthesized in legal laboratories. Authorities discovered that majority of the fentanyl that the lethal heroin was cut with was produced in illicit labs throughout the world. If we start to see the same thing occur with Wildnil, the results could be catastrophic.

It cannot be overemphasized how deadly this drug is. It was never intended for human consumption and as such, even the tiniest amount can kill. Unfortunately for some opioid users, this may actually seem like a draw to the drug because many times when a rash of overdoses occurs, there is a scramble to try to get the drug involved, but for this fentanyl analog, the same should not be tried. It is not a matter of just using the right amount because even the tiniest amount can kill instantly.

So if you hear of drugs laced with Carfentanil, do not attempt to get the drug because it will more likely lead to your death. This is not something to be taken lightly and if the drug starts to make its way to American streets, the death toll could be unlike anything we have seen before.

There is hope though, that since there is such limited production every year, that this will not occur, but needless to say, authorities need to be on the lookout  and be prepared for the potential damage that it could cause.

Finding Treatment For Opiate Addiction

Opiate addiction is currently running rampant through many American towns and cities. As much as the government and public health officials have attempted to curb this rising tide, doing so has proved to be rather problematic. The rise in overdoses seen over the summer as a result of fentanyl-laced heroin reaching the streets is indicative of our inability to currently handle the problem. Hopefully with time, continued education, and smart police work, we will be able to combat the problem that is opiate addiction, but for now things seem to be getting worse.

However, if you personally have a problem with opiate addiction then help is just around the corner. There have been millions of people around the world who have suffered from an addiction to opioids and are now living a happy and whole life in recovery. If you are at a point where you no longer want to live under the pressures of addiction, then call the professionals at Elevations Health today, at 1-866-200-3224. We are standing by to take your call and show you the path out of addiction and into recovery. Do not put it off till tomorrow, but call today and make a start.  

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