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New Fingerprint Test Detects Cocaine In Seconds

Researchers at the University of Surrey have created an innovative drug test that uses fingerprints to detect cocaine. The test is being considered remarkable for its ability to both positively detect traces of drugs and positively identify the user at the same time. The research supporting the test has been published in the journal Clinical … Continued

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CVS Takes Initiative to Combat Opioid Crisis

CVS Pharmacy, one of the largest healthcare providers and present in over 10,000 communities worldwide has been a significant player in the fight against the opioid crisis. With their new opioid policy, drug administration will be regulated to seven-day increments and lower dose/instant release formulations. New Policy Plans The opioid crisis has been stirring for … Continued

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Fentanyl Testing Strips

Harm Reduction Organizations Offering Fentanyl Testing Strips

Harm Reduction Organizations Offering Fentanyl Testing Strips   Testing strips that were originally intended for doctors to determine if their patients were taking their pain medications are now being used as a prevention tool for a drug overdose. The simple test can detect the presence of a fentanyl, a synthetic opioid 100 times stronger than … Continued

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Why the Opioid Commission “Dragging its Feet”

This past March, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to establish the Commission on Combating Drug Addiction in response to the current nationwide Opioid Crisis. During a meeting with stakeholders, Trump deemed the commission to be in line with his promise to “take action to keep drugs from pouring in our country and to … Continued

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Delray Sues Big Pharma over Opioid Epidemic

As of Tuesday, July 18th, Delray is the first city in Florida to sue Big Pharma for intensifying the prescription opioid epidemic.   Big Suit for Big Pharma In the year 2016, Delray recorded 690 drug overdoses, an enormous 250% increase since 2015. Already this year the city has documented 414 overdoses- 37 of which … Continued

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