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How 2016 Changed the Way We Talk About Addiction

In many ways, 2016 was a watershed moment in the national discourse regarding addiction. It was a year that saw overdose rates skyrocket, a year that saw Narcan become a household name, and a year that public officials finally began to take a look at our long-held national drug policies and question their validity. The … Continued

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self medicating

Self Medicating: The Warning Signs of Addiction

Just 20 years ago, dual diagnosis programs were non-existent. People who suffered from both addiction and an underlying mental or physical health problem were treated for these issues separately and because of this, many people continued to experience problems with their addiction. They would go to an inpatient program for 30-90 days, sober up and do … Continued

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The Physical Repercussions from Meth

It is quite possible that there is no other drug that can cause such drastic physical damage like meth can. The damage from heroin and cocaine are terrible, to say the least, but both pale in comparison to the physical repercussions from meth. It is as if the person’s physical appearance completely changes as their … Continued

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Why is Naloxone in High Schools?

It may come as a surprise to some people that Naloxone is now available for usage in many high schools throughout the country. For those of you who do not know, Naloxone is the drug that counteracts the effect of an opiate overdose. It has been used by first responders for a few decades now … Continued

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war on drugs

The Annual Cost of The War on Drugs

Since Richard Nixon declared a war on drugs back in the 1970s the United States Government has spent nearly $1 Trillion towards eradicating the drug problem in this country. In 2015 alone $36 billion was spent on the war on drugs, but that number was just for law enforcement and some social services, and does … Continued

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isolated drug addict

What Does It Really Mean To Live In Active Addiction

If you believe some of the Hollywood fairy tales that active addiction is an exciting adventure filled with strange people and a constant whirlwind of action. Or on the flipside of this narrative, active addiction is one of desolation and homelessness, filled with urban landscapes and shopping carts clanging with soda cans. Neither one of … Continued

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