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family medical leave act

How to Take Medical Leave From Work: Know Your Rights

Over 75% of people with substance abuse problems in need of treatment are employed. Out of fear of losing their job or being judged by their coworkers, many avoid getting help even when they are desperate for it. The stigma around drug and alcohol abuse, as well as lack of knowledge of personal rights, should … Continued

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drug test

What Drugs Don’t Show Up on a Standard Drug Test?

The drug test is the bane of many active addicts lives. It is something that they have to try to work around when getting or keeping a job, and if they are younger it is something that they have to try to avoid from their parents or their schools. It is the dark shadowy specter … Continued

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Does Forced Addiction Treatment Work?

As much as we would all like a clear-cut and decisive path to how we can help an addict hit bottom, no such thing currently exists. Some addicts will hit bottom fairly early on in their addiction, and it may simply be caused by family or legal problems. They do not need to lose everything … Continued

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Stop Being in Denial of Your Loved One’s Addiction

Having a loved one who suffers from addiction can be incredibly difficult to deal with. It is similar to what a person experiences whenever someone they love has an illness, but with addiction, those people closest to the individual actually begin to suffer from certain characteristics that mimic that of addiction. For instance, individuals who … Continued

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couple arguing

Why Addiction and Codependency Often go Hand in Hand

Addiction is an illness unlike any other. It is one of the few illnesses that convinces the person afflicted that it does not exist, causing a denial that is not often seen in other regards in life. It causes a number of social and legal issues that are not present among other illnesses and to … Continued

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