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woman smoking an e-cigarette

Are E-Cigarettes a Safe Alternative or Just as Harmful?

E-Cigarettes started to gain popularity around 2010 when the general population assumed they were a harmless alternative to tobacco smoking. Today, the use of electronic cigarettes, commonly referred to as “vaping” has exploded into a nationwide, and even international trend- especially in sober communities. The assumption has been that with the removal of tobacco and … Continued

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Here’s What to Tell People When They Ask Why You Aren’t Drinking

So you’ve done it- you’ve given up your addiction and embarked on a journey to sobriety. You’ve probably suffered ups and downs throughout the process, made mistakes (and hopefully learned from them) Overtime you’ve grown the strength and confidence in your ability to walk away from temptation- and now it’s time to adjust back to … Continued

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i love me

10 Simple Ways to Practice Self Love in Sobriety

More often than not, addiction begins with the desire to smother bad feelings. You want to feel better, or possibly nothing at all. Drugs likely worked for a short time, but then they became just another negative part of your identity. Since addiction tends to rob you of any self-worth, building solid self-esteem and respect … Continued

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avoid the avoidable

5 Types of People To Avoid in Rehab

Mustering up the strength and courage to leave a life of addiction behind is a tremendous accomplishment for anyone wanting to get sober. Rehab and treatment centers are meant to be a haven of support and guidance for building a healthy lifestyle. When you find the program that’s right for you and your goals, recovery … Continued

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How to Embrace the Blackout Time in Rehab

Making the decision to finally go to rehab can be one of the most important and most difficult decisions that a person makes. On the one hand, they know that this decision can halt the progression of their addiction and that if they follow the well-worn path of recovery that is being offered to them, … Continued

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work hard stay humble

How to Be Humble in Sobriety

Many people come into sobriety lacking any true sense of themselves or the ability to express humility. To them, humility is a negative thing that should never be shown—it is viewed as a weakness that must be avoided at all costs; otherwise the world will eat you up and spit you out. Once sober, however, … Continued

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