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What Drugs Don’t Show Up on a Standard Drug Test?

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The drug test is the bane of many active addicts lives. It is something that they have to try to work around when getting or keeping a job, and if they are younger it is something that they have to try to avoid from their parents or their schools. It is the dark shadowy specter always hiding just off scene waiting to pounce and expose the whole house of cards for what it is. It is the topic of conversation among young potheads as they discuss ways to get around the finality of the tests, and in a very real sense, drug tests offer tangible and irrefutable proof that addicts are doing something they know to be wrong.

Yet, as frightening as a drug test can be to people who are addicted to drugs, they do have their limitations. For instance, while they have become a lot more sophisticated over the years, there are still certain ways that determined individuals could cheat them, and there are still certain drugs that will not show up on standard tests.

For the basis of what is being written here today, a standard test is a 5-panel drug test. There are 10 panel tests, which are usually used in order to test for more uncommon substances, but the 5-panel seems to be the choice test for most employers, concerned parents, and schools.

A 5-panel drug test will test for cocaine, amphetamines/methamphetamines, opiates, phencyclidine or PCP, and marijuana. A 10-panel drug test includes all of these substances but also tests for benzodiazepines, propoxyphene (Darvocet), methadone, barbiturates, and methaqualone. While these tests can change depending on the maker of the test and the country that they are being produced in, on average these are the most common substances that they test for.

Most of these tests are fairly accurate, contrary to the popular poppy seed bagel myth and there are fewer and fewer ways to get around them. They have mechanisms that can tell if the urine has been diluted and some even check the temperature to make sure that it hasn’t come from an outside source. But given the nature of drug abuse and the nature of designer drugs today, these tests are not always up to snuff with the latest drugs being produced and as such, many newer drugs do not show up on standard tests.

What Drugs Don’t Show Up on a Standard Drug Test?

Some of the more commonly used drugs that do not show up on standard tests are most hallucinogens. LSD is never included in a standard test, but it can be tested for with more stringent urinary analysis. The issue is that it is only detectable in the urine for 1 to 4 days after usage, so it can be difficult to detect. The same thing goes for psilocybin or mushrooms. They are never included on standard tests but are detectable 1 to 3 days after their initial usage.

The influx of designer drugs like bath salts, Flakka, K2, and U-47700 also posed a problem for these tests because the drugs were initially not illegal and their ever changing chemical composition make them difficult to detect. These synthetic drugs are never included on standard tests, but due to the rise in their popularity a few years ago, many treatment centers and drug abuse counselors started to test for these substances with extended tests.

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What You Should Do If You Think Your Loved One Is Abusing Drugs

If you are reading this article then more than likely you are either thinking about drug testing someone you love or you are attempting to find ways to get around failing a drug test. For the former group, if you believe that your loved one is abusing drugs then the first course of action should be to talk to them. There is a very good chance that they will deny any accusations and may even propose a drug test themselves to prove their innocence. If this occurs, and even if they are convincing in their protestations, you should continue with your plan to drug test them and see what the results bring. If they fail, then there are a number of different options to get them help, but it is important to note that if they are not willing to seek help, it can be very difficult to enact a real change when it comes to addiction.

Seeking Treatment for Alcoholism or Addiction

Getting clean and sober from drugs and alcohol is the most important thing that an addict or alcoholic can do in their life. It is also the most anxiety producing and frightening thing that they can do in their life, but it doesn’t need to be. With help from the professionals at Elevations Health, you can find a new life in sobriety with the least amount of resistance possible. So call us today at 1-866-200-3224 and begin your journey to recovery the right way, with Elevation Health.

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