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Executive Addiction Treatment

Addiction isn’t a physical, psychological, emotional, or social disease; the reality is that addiction is all the above. It’s a disease that robs people of their physical health, inhibits cognitive functioning, hijacks their emotions, and is toxic to a person’s social and professional lives. In fact, there are few diseases that affect a person as completely and profoundly as addiction, which is why it’s such a difficult disease to overcome with a high rate of relapse.

One of the most common reasons that so many people relapse and return to active addiction is due to insufficient treatment. It can be quite difficult to identify one’s own recovery needs, leading to the choosing of programs that can’t address each of the effects of addiction that an individual is experiencing. For this reason, Elevations Health offers an executive addiction treatment program for professionals who need to maintain a presence in their respective industries while receiving addiction treatment.

What is Executive Addiction Treatment?

There are several different types of addiction treatment programs that are commonly offered by rehabilitation centers. Typically, these programs fall into one of two categories: Inpatient or outpatient care. As you might have guessed, the latter is a type of treatment wherein patients continue to live in their own homes while commuting to treatment on their designated days. By comparison, inpatient care refers to a residential-style program wherein patients are provided with accommodations so they can live on campus for the duration of the inpatient program.

Executive treatment is a form of inpatient care, but it differs from your standard inpatient program in some key yet related ways. With most inpatient programs, a person must essentially take a leave of absence from their homes, families, and careers, which is necessary to put one’s entire focus on overcoming a substance abuse problem. However, in our fast-paced and increasingly internet-connected world, it’s becoming less realistic to expect every single person to be able to take an extended leave of absence from his or her life. In fact, some individuals might not be able to do so and, therefore, would be discouraged from seeking treatment, which is when an executive program becomes necessary.

Individuals who seek executive treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction are often professionals, industry leaders, and high-ranking executives who would have a difficult time seeking addiction treatment if it required them to completely cut themselves from their professional responsibilities and obligations. If these individuals were forced to forgo their professional duties while in treatment, it would be distracting and likely cause stress, which, in turn, would affect their ability to concentrate on recovery and inhibit optimal performance throughout the rehabilitation journey. For this reason, patients in an executive substance abuse recovery program are afforded with some time each day to fulfill the duties of their demanding careers; by having opportunity to work remotely, patients are able to be more present during the time spent participating in vital therapies.

Executive Treatment is Luxurious

Of course, there’s more to an executive treatment program than being able to fulfill professional duties. Many executive programs are much more comfortable and luxurious than the standard inpatient program, which is certainly true for the executive program offered by Elevations Health.

When it comes to a standard inpatient program, some might use a term like “clinical” to describe the environment and accommodations. Although these programs can be just as effective for individuals with certain needs, luxury is often a feature of executive treatment programs as a means of encouraging relaxation and submission to the recovery process. It goes without saying that most individuals’ careers provoke a certain amount of stress; since professionals with high-ranking positions often experience the most workplace stress — and since these individuals continue to work remotely while in an executive program — recovering in a luxurious environment means that patients have optimal chances of relaxing and allowing the stress to melt away. In short, luxurious accommodations balance residual workplace stress and offset any stress that a patient may experience due to his or her professional duties while in the program.

Executive Treatment is Comprehensive

With luxurious accommodations and the ability for patients to fulfill their professional duties remotely, it may sound like executive treatment is quite different from other types of programs offered; however, when it comes to the most important things — particularly the breadth and quality of treatment options — the executive program is the same high quality as other programs. At Elevations Health, all programs (executive included) have a strong foundation in counseling and psychotherapy. The reason that psychotherapy is the basis of recovery is because it allows patients to get to the roots of their substance abuse problems. Only by getting to the root of addiction can a patient discover what caused the problem and, more importantly, figure out how to prevent the problem from causing a relapse in the future.

For an addiction treatment program to be considered comprehensive, it must offer more than just counseling. As is the case with other programs, patients who enroll in the executive program will be given the opportunity during the intake process to work with a coordinator in developing a customized recovery curriculum. Each patient’s curriculum is unique to him or her and is completely based on his or her individual needs and preferences. In making executive recovery such a customizable experience, the goal is to ensure that each of the effects of addiction that a patient experiences — from the physical and health-related to the emotional, social, and even spiritual — are addressed. In short, we want to make the executive program a unique and comprehensive recovery experience for each and every patient.

Executive Treatment is Effective

No two people become addicted, experience addiction, or overcome addiction in the exact same ways. This is why the treatment solution that is so effective for one person may be quite in effective for another. It’s also why individualization and customizability are such important characteristics of an addiction treatment program, whether it’s an executive program or some other type of care. The reason why the Elevations Health Executive Program for Substance Abuse and Addiction yields such strong results is due to our attentiveness to detail, offering treatment of the utmost quality and precision, and having a staff of experienced, caring professionals who execute our entire model.

When it comes down to it, our executive program isn’t effective due to one specific reason. Instead, it’s effective due to its many impressive features, from the luxurious accommodations to the comprehensive curriculum and the staff of certified, knowledgeable professionals. Every detail of the recovery experience has been carefully planned and coordinated to make our executive program an experience unlike any that’s offered by other rehabilitation centers. The program isn’t designed to merely help people get sober; instead, the executive program has been created to inspire lifelong transformation and profound healing on all levels. In short, it’s the total package.

Your Executive Treatment Program

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