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Hypnotherapy at Elevations

To most people, hypnotherapy still represents a quasi-psychology that is more rooted in movie magic and superstition than actual medical science. They believe it is something that magicians perform on stage in order to make people act ridiculous, and that it has no place in the treatment of real illnesses or psychological trauma. However, over … Continued

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The Magic Behind Reality Therapy

Reality therapy was developed by Dr. William Glasser in 1965 while he worked at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Los Angeles. It is a form of therapy that is based on choice theory, which postulates that an individual’s life is the direct result of the choices they make. Choice theory rejects the notion that we … Continued

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What Guidelines to Expect in a Halfway House

If you are currently in treatment for substance abuse issues then more than likely you have been told that you should live in a halfway house or three-quarter house after your discharge. This suggestion is almost universal in the treatment field and the reason is that the structure that is offered by these sober living … Continued

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drug test

What Drugs Don’t Show Up on a Standard Drug Test?

The drug test is the bane of many active addicts lives. It is something that they have to try to work around when getting or keeping a job, and if they are younger it is something that they have to try to avoid from their parents or their schools. It is the dark shadowy specter … Continued

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The Differences Between AA and NA

A common dilemma faced by many people who are just getting sober is figuring out what 12 Step program they should attend. In the past, the lines were a little clearer on what program was right for you, as alcoholics tended to be pure alcoholics and addicts pure addicts, but in the current world of … Continued

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